99 bottles of GOO

Here's a version of 99 bottles written in GOO. I have submitted it.

(df bottles (n)
                (cond ((= n 0) "No more bottles")
                        ((= n 1) "One bottle")
                        (#t (cat (num-to-str n) " bottles")))
        " of beer"))

(df bow (n)
        (cat (bottles n) " on the wall"))

        (fun (n) 
                (post (bow n)) 
                (post "\n") 
                (post (bottles n)) 
                (post "\nTake one down, pass it around\n") 
                (post (bow (1- n))) 
                (post "\n\n")) 
        (range-by 100 >= 1 1-))

Happy easter.

Berkeley DB XML

I just went surfing Sleepycat Software to read some documentation (don't ask me why, I just realized I have it all installed locally), when I noticed this: Berkeley DB XML. Apparently not yet released, but interesting anyway. I'm not big on XML DBs, but with Sleepycat doing it, it might be worth checking out. At least they have a great history of doing high-quality, simple, lightweight products that just do their thing with minimum fuss. And if they continue with their licensing policy, all the better. Then we just need some Python bindings...

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