Straw 0.19

Yow. Just released it. Finally. It's bloody late. Late as in it was supposed to be out three months ago, and late as in it was supposed to be out earlier today. Or yesterday, really, seeing what the clock says. It involved adventures with CVS (My First Branch) and stuff like that. Plenty of new stuff there, though mostly rather minor. BTW, have I ever mentioned that doing releases is way too much a hassle? I announce them on the Straw news page (hasn't updated yet when writing this, but the updated pages are in CVS), Freshmeat and the GNOME Software Map (which I see still sports the old look), and it always feels like it takes ages.

I hope I didn't screw up too badly when fooling around with CVS.

Straw and Dashboard

As you might have noticed if you follow these things, I actually did something about that Dashboard thing and now the changes to Straw are in CVS. I don't have screenshots of it myself, but Nat has.

Groan like it's 1997

I used AIX today. The last time was in 1997. Except for the fact that the black POWER (tee hee) box packed quite a bit more punch than the horrible Apple-branded POS the size of a small fridge I had to use six years ago, it felt like nothing had changed. CDE. ksh. It all came rushing back.

Man, this old slow Linux box running GNOME feels good.

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