Argh. PCL-CVS (2_9_9, comes with Debian's XEmacs package) is giving me Connection refused to Savannah when plain old CVS works just fine, even from a shell buffer. Can't figure out why.


Oh well, it works from GNU Emacs. Maybe time to switch Emacs families once again, I've been now three years or so with XEmacs, that's about as long as I usually stick with one of them.


Flew to Lisbon early Friday morning with coworkers, saw some sights, got plenty drunk and afterwards a two day long splitting headache caused by neck pain (luckily painkillers helped at least the first day), ate several servings of absolutely lousy food (you get the idea that the Portuguese aren't big on vegetarianism), thought the city was really beautiful, was extremely happy to get back home at midnight yesterday.

Burden of history

It's true that users shouldn't have to know how things like the X Window System clipboard/selection mechanism works. But really, they don't have to: as the freedesktop.org documents points out, users are really expected to use the CLIPBOARD mechanism which works pretty much like clipboards on the competing platforms and live happily without the select/middle click thingy. Jarno, you only have this problem because even without an unix beard, you've been using these things long enough to know the PRIMARY selection mechanism.

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