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Right, so we got the utter turd of a new copyright law. Here are the results of the final vote in the parliament. "Jaa" is for the new law, "ei" against the law, "poissa" is away.

A friendly message to anyone there who might be listening: I won't vote in any election for anyone who wasn't against the law.

Caboodle 0.3 and 0.4

Two new versions of Caboodle: now it has better level generation logic, it caches level images so the whole thing doesn't get redrawn all the time, it includes a randomize level menu command and an option to display line intersections interactively as you drag vertices around. The last thing will probably grind the whole thing to a halt on larger levels.

Caboodle 0.2

So I released 0.1 and 0.2. Now Caboodle has a menu bar (whee), an icon and a .desktop file.

To clarify something: you do not need OCaml or the Gtk+ and Cairo OCaml bindings to run Caboodle, just to compile it. I do not provide binaries at the moment, but if there's demand I can put up a pre-compiled Linux/x86 version.

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