Glade-3 toolbars

This note is here so I can grep or Google for it the next time I spend ten minutes clicking around the Glade-3 window, trying to remember what the trick was: Glade-3 has put the menu and toolbar editors behind an edit button below the the properties notebook.

Python-style enumerate for Nemerle

So instead of just whining about Nemerle, here's a something potentially useful. I found I missed Python's built-in enumerate function. It wasn't too hard to implement in Nemerle:

public class Enumerator['a] : IEnumerable[(int * 'a)] {
    private e: IEnumerable['a];
    public this(e: IEnumerable['a]) {
        this.e = e;
    public GetEnumerator(): IEnumerator[(int * 'a)] {
        mutable i = 0;
        foreach (elem in this.e) {
            yield (i, elem);


foreach ((index, item) in Enumerator(list)) {
    System.Console.WriteLine($"index for $item: $index");

The naming might not be optimal, with potential confusion with the standard libraries, but I don't care at the moment. Use and enjoy.

Flow 07: Sunday and Regina & Husky Rescue at the Huvila Festival Tent

Sunday was a whole lot better at Flow than Friday. Everything worked better and the music was lovely. Kudos to the organizers for seeing the problems and acting to correct them.


  • Risto is the king of the world.
  • Tuomo played just the kind of music you'd love to hear on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
  • Korpi Ensemble was easygoing and fun.

On the not quite as good front, it was the first time I had heard of Jenny Wilson and wasn't really very impressed. Nice enough, but didn't really generate any strong feelings. Bebel Gilberto was better, but she arrived late on the stage and I don't think she really captured the audience. We left in the middle of her set.

Monday evening we went to see Regina and Husky Rescue at the Helsinki Festival Huvila Tent. Both were excellent, even though Regina would have clearly worked even better in an envinronment where people wouldn't have been sitting down — the tent doesn't really encourage you to move your ass.

All in all, you get the feeling that Finnish music is doing pretty well.

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