I put up pgrok ("Project Grokking for Emacs"), a simple Elisp package for project settings and tools, on Launchpad. It's a tidied up version of a couple of things I've been using for ages, basically for loading project (a source tree) settings, functions or whatever you need from files that are looked up in your directory hierarchy. There are also two (at the moment) functions for locating stuff in your project with find and grep.

There are no releases yet, but it's just one file in the bzr branch hosted on Launchpad. I use GNU Emacs 23.0.60, no guarantees about any other Emacsen.

Software Engineering Radio

They keep on asking their listeners to plug them, so here goes. I've been listening to podcasts quite a bit lately, as I got a phone that can do them and my commute is too short to really concentrate on reading articles, and the best of the ones I regularly follow is Software Engineering Radio. There's a lot of backlog to go through and at least the interviews they've done with Joe Armstrong, Galen Hunt and Dave "not PragDave" Thomas have been really nice.

AudioFormat 0.6

Waking the project up, at least momentarily, from a nine-month slumber, I released version 0.6 of AudioFormat, the friendly audio file format converter for the GNOME desktop.

I've again found more use for the software and discovered that it was in several ways still embarassingly broken, from refusing to install on Python versions with micro version numbers (like 2.5.1) to still continuing conversions after clicking cancel, even without the window, when using as a Nautilus extension.

It should be at least a bit better now.

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