Outcry: streaming again

Some former colleagues might think I'm reinventing my own wheel here. They would be right. I didn't feel like resurrecting a Python 1.5/omniORB zombie (or did it use SOAP later on? Or maybe both? I forget the details...) that didn't do everything I needed it to do and probably was mostly horrible. Anyway.

No guarantees for it working for anyone else, or for it to be interesting for anyone else, but Outcry is a remotely controllable (via plain old XML over HTTP messages) Icecast streamer. It's written in Ruby (which I'm enjoying, a lot) and requires libshout and ruby-shout. It streams MP3, converting FLACs and Vorbis files on the fly.

It's the latest step in my ongoing quest to play music in our living room without CDs. My KiSS DP-1500 isn't really very good at playing OGGs (it crashes a lot) and even worse at FLACs (it doesn't do them). Also, it doesn't play WAVs. My computer can't convert from FLAC to MP3 quickly enough for things to work out OK when I let the KiSS box control what it's playing, so next try is moving the control to this end of the pipe. Which kind of sucks. Oh well.

I should probably release my own kissd replacement written in OCaml, too, but it's even less ready for the masses. Email if you're interested.

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