A bit over a week to us moving (back closer to the center of Helsinki, yay) and my computer's power supply decided it had had enough. Every time I switched it on, it blew a fuse (a big thank you to whoever invented the kind of fuse where you don't have to put in a new ceramic thingy everytime it goes.) I was seriously considering just going out and buying a new computer, especially as I wasn't quite sure if it was the PSU or some other part, but decided that we're going to have quite enough other things to spend money on in the coming few weeks. So I settled on getting myself a new PSU, and oh boy, the beast lives again.

Because I wasn't quite sure what was the source of the problem and I was sort of planning on getting myself a new computer anyway in a few months, I got the cheapest power supply in the store. And you can tell. I've never been too impressed with the Antec Sonata's much-hyped quietness, but this feels like sitting next to a blow dryer.

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