Writing to envy

Two remarkable pieces of writing in the blogosphere today, both ending up in the instant classics section of their respective categories.

The first one is a tutorial style piece exposing the inner life of a search engine. A simple full-text search engine in 200 lines of Ruby. It's concise, it's clear and after reading it anyone can write a simple search engine. If only all things in the world of code were explained that well.

The second one has been linked from all over the place, including some A-listers, so this probably doesn't come as news. But it's so good it deserves all the attention it can get. Socrates takes on WS-Mumbojumbo: The S stands for Simple.

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Caboodle 0.5

There's now a new version, 0.5, of Caboodle available. Caboodle is a Planarity knock-off for GNOME. No changes beyond making it work again in Ubuntu Edgy (seems the Cairo — or at least cairo-ocaml — API has changed a bit during the last year.)

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Edgy's install a bit too edgy

I think this was my first complete (well, not counting the cruft in the home directory) reinstall since Debian 0.93, but now I'm running a fresh Edgy installation. The experience was less than pleasant; the installer tried constantly to use a display mode my monitor couldn't handle (ANALOG OUT OF RANGE 81.3 kHz / 65 Hz) with the result that I had to burn the alternate install CD to get the text-mode installer. Which worked well enough, except for the fact that it configured my X again with the mode that didn't work. Oh well. Good thing I had my old X configuration around and knew how to use virtual consoles.

Also, the installer could have shown me the time when it asked if the hardware clock was in UTC or the local time. I guessed wrong.

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